Prototyping a Product Before Proper Design - A Recipe To fail

Working for something design and development firm, We have witnessed many inventors asking to leap directly into a InventHelp idea using their sketches. Even though this might appear to be a simple way to get in to the market, it fails in one essential aspect: Sales. You are hoping to place your product to the market to earn money And alter the entire world right?

A functional product that is not appealing to a consumer or does not have the proper ergonomic design has a great chance of failure once it hits market. With all the design age upon us (think of the ipod's clean simple design. Even though it has got the same features as well as not enough features can compare to other mp3 players consumers are still snapping them up. It's also more expensive as well!), individuals are less prepared to forgive bad design. Create a revolutionary flashlight that doesn't fit correctly in the hand! What use would that be?

The importance of exterior design and human factors/ergonomics no longer takes the back seat. It is now the differentiating factor between a sale and no sale. Consumer products these days include features, functions, and quality which can be so identical from brand to brand how the only stuff that will hook the consumer is progressive, attractive design that customers can drool over. Maybe you have seen a waste basket? Obviously you have. You probably note that blue or white plastic waste basket each day both at home and work. However, should you look more carefully you will begin to see contemporary stainless-steel waste baskets. Just how important is design? Apparently very important if consumers are spending exponentially more cash with an item that they throw waste into as it attracts their senses and elegance.

So I urge inventors to adopt another look at design. Anything from the outside to ergonomics, to even the the labels can make all the difference on earth. Otherwise, regardless of how cheap of a route you're taking to get involved with industry, you'll have lost all of your investment dollars. Like they are saying: Do it right initially. After that, iterations get far more costly and you have already tarnished your brand image for the general public.

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